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Promotional poster for the spa town of Baden near Vienna
Promotional poster for the spa town of Baden near Vienna

Baden bei Wien, a climatic spa town and thermal baths, lies 220 – 250 m above sea level.

Population: 25.000.
Total area: 27 km².

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Baden near Vienna owes its origin to the hot sulphur springs. Even in Roman times the healing bath ”Aquae” was highly popular. Indeed water still remains of enormous importance to the vibrance of this heavenly town. With a natural temperature of up to 36 degree Celsius, the curative water is the basis for numerous treatments in the fields of prevention, the Baden spa treatment, wellness and just bathing fun.

baths and thermal water

Between 1803 and 1834 Baden was the offical summer residence of the Emperor Franz 1, and the royal family spent much of the summer taking the airs and waters in the town.

Baden, is located 26 km south of Viennal in a region known for its vineyards and thermal baths. Vienna-Schwechat international airport is 33 km away. The town owes its even, almost Mediterranean climate, its balmy temperatures and often cloudless days to its location at the eastern edge of the Vienna forest, the gate to the Helenental valley, surrounded by the woods and straggling vineyards of the Panonian plain.


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