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Baths and springs

Baden near Vienna is not only landscape, but mainly water. The healing sulfur springs of the city, since ancient times used, with a natural temperature of up to 36 degrees Celsius are the basis of swimming fun and cure at Baden.

The city of Baden is famous for its hot sulfur springs. This rise up through cracks from many 100 meters deep. Thermal water is in Baden in numerous places to find , but only 14 sources are "tapped". That is, they are lined and sealed, so that the water comes out clear and strong:

Tested medical treatments such as sulfur baths, wraps, massages, hydro therapy and various forms of exercise lead to recreation, relaxation and regeneration of the guests.
However, modern treatments of the right diet for targeted exercise programs to autogenic training and meditation are used to restore and maintain health.

  • 32,9°C   Engelsquelle

  • 24,6°C   Ferdinandsquelle

  • 30,4°C   Franzensquelle  

  • 34,5°C   Frauenquelle

  • 26,2°C   Johannesquelle

  • 33,9°C   Josefsquelle

  • 34,6°C   Karolinenquelle

  • 27,8°C   Leopoldsquelle

  • 24,5°C   Mariazellerquelle

  • 34,9°C   Marienquelle

  • 21,6°C   Peregriniquelle

  • 32,1°C   Petersquelle      

  • 29.0°C   Römerquelle     

  • 25,7°C   Sauerhofquelle

(Temperature data from Measurement of 1996).

The entire human is in focus and enjoys

Drawing of Roman Spring from 1820
The "Roman spring", ca. 1820

Already the Romans have utilized, the "Römerquelle". The source is in a cave just below the orchestra pit of the Summer Arena.

Drawing of Frauenkirche
Picture from Martin Mayers Miscellen, Bd. I

About the source of women's bath was a church until 1811, the old Frauenkirche, was with her "wrong tower" a landmark of Vienna.
The source arose precisely under the high altar.

The water of the Peregriniquelle has been sold till the 1960s as mineral water.

The largest source is the "Marien-spring." It supplies more than 40 liters per second. It was taken in 1924 and formed the basis for the sulfur water supply to the beach-bath.

Today, all springs are under the administration of the city of Baden unless the "Engelsbad". They are fed into a common loop. The cure take place only in the spa next to the "Römertherme". Until today, Baden is, thanks to its hot springs, one of the most important tourist destination in Lower Austria.

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